Fruitvilla Corporation is one of the leading traders, shippers and packers of fresh pomegranates in Maharashtra, India. We are specialized in fresh pomegranates and pomegranate arils.

Being a quality-focused company, we offer highly effective range of Fresh Pomegranates & Pomegranate Arils which are processed at Fruitvilla's state of the art facility center at Pune, India.

Our well hygienic unit focuses on maintaining an unwavering commitment to meeting the highest standards in product quality and food safety.


at a Glance

Indian Pomegranate

India is one of the leading countries in pomegranate acreage and production worldwide. The area under cultivation of pomegranate has grown up by 35.19 per cent during the last decade, as area increased from 96.9 thousand hectares (2003-04) to 131 thousand hectares (2013-14).

In India, pomegranate is cultivated over 1.31 lakh hector with a production of 13.46 lakh MT and productivity of 10.27 MT/ Hector.

"Pomegranate was domesticated in 2000 BC and was one of the first five fruit crops (date palm, fig, olive, grape and pomegranate) to be domesticated by mankind. The usage of pomegranate is deeply embedded in human history with references in many ancient cultures for its use as food and medicine."